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What would you like to know? I spend the majority of my days as a SAHM with three kinda cool/kinda crazy kids. My favorite color is black. I’m a sucker for pizza and beer. I grew up in SE Michigan, graduated from GVSU, moved to Chicago, then Seattle, and I now reside in beautiful, sunny, HOT AF, Gilbert, AZ.

and like taking pics.

About Wolf House Photo

Wolf House Photography

After a few years of testing out different styles, different session types and different locations, I wanted to redefine what Wolf House Photo was all about. At some point I shifted in what is truly motivating and makes me fall in love with the work I’m doing. Photo sessions have shown me that I thrive in the emotional planes **somewhere my practical, logical husband is laughing and nodding emphatically**. I decided to move away from family and child milestone sessions (aside from family mini weeks) and venture further into the land of love with engagements, boudoir, and other adult-centered portraiture – enter those high school seniors on the cusp of adulthood.

And so it is within this realm of highly meaningful moments that I go for photos that speak more on the feelings of each capture as opposed to ultra-posed, say “cheese” and stare down the barrel of the lens. I look for the ‘moody’ and where the darkness meets the light because shadows tell a big part of the story. I still LOVE the sun and my outdoor sessions are only shot at sunrise and sunset (sorry!). I often believe the smaller details are more important than the full frame because it’s the little things we wont necessarily remember when we look back through the scope of a big memory. The direction I give from behind the camera is left for you to define and decide where it takes you– unless you take it somewhere awkward or unflattering, then I’m sure to re-direct 😉

TL/DR: if you’re looking for those beautiful bright, soft, airy photos with everyone smiling, perfectly centered and cropped, I’m probably not your girl (but can happily refer you to some absolutely wonderful photogs). On the flip side, if you’re looking to get the *feels* at the first sight of your photos, where you see each individual personality shine through, send me a note! Tell me what you’re thinking and what you’d like to get out of a session. I’m happy to talk session styling, travel info, answer questions or just discuss GoT fan theories

hello, it’s me