Well hello there. Please welcome the newest WHP family member and quite honestly, my favorite. I can’t think of anything better than honest sensual photos with a touch of mystery. Many boudoir sessions take place in a studio where the same or very similar set-up is used for every client. Wolf House Boudoir is a little different in that each session is completely personalized. We find a space* (hotel room, Airbnb, etc) that is tailored to the vibe we want your photo set to have.

If you’re one of the many (myself included) whose fear is confidence in front of the camera sans everyday clothing, FEAR NOT! It is totally my goal to make you laugh and feel comfortable so you can enjoy this whole experience. Everyone has their own brand of beautiful and wants something different out of their session. This is why I offer three different editing sub-packages** for you to choose from that will allow you to leave your anxieties at the door.

And while these photos make for great wedding, birthday, and anniversary gifts for your partner, they are even better when done just for YOU

because sometimes, you gotta blow your own damn mind <3


*session pricing is adjusted based on rental price

**editing sub-package info is sent when inquiring about a boudoir session and can purchased separately, up to the day of the session.